It is with great honor and joy that we welcome you to the Women’s Accountability & Leadership League, forever known as W.A.L.L.! We were created to help every woman achieve their business and professional goals by having an open network of other females to hold them accountable to their goals while also advocating for their work. We wanted a safe place where all woman can come together to network, refer and encourage one another with great intent.


W.A.L.L. is for you if you work as an employee in a sales or commissions based field (retail, dealerships etc)

W.A.L.L. is for you if you are in direct sales of any kind (Mary Kay, Avon, Pure Romance etc)

W.A.L.L. is for you if you are a business owner looking to grow your company (Corporation, LLC, schedule c etc)

W.A.L.L. is for you if you are working towards starting your own business

W.A.L.L. is for you if you are a woman that answered yes to any of the previous statements and could benefit from being a part of a chapter solely focused on the successes of the each individual member.


~Mission Statement~

Women’s Accountability and Leadership League provides dog sled business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs training and services for women who are business owners to assist with accomplishing goals. The goal is to build a team of honest, committed, and respectful business owners by providing exceptional referrals, sharing marketing techniques and investing in fellow W.A.L.L. members. W.A.L.L. members strive to assist one another with exposing their businesses and ideas and build successful women owned businesses.